Small Dog Cooling Mat with Neck Tie

Small Dog cooling mat (30cm x 40cm) with Small neck cooler

Product Specification Sheet

Order from July 2018 does not have the colorful box, it is just a plain white box.  It has been blocked for sale due to a Patent issue in the USA.

Core Information

Product NameSmall Dog cooling mat (30cm x 40cm) with Small neck cooler
DescriptionSmall pressure activated dog bed with a small neck cooler.

Brand Name

Magic Gel




Blocked in USA

Barcode Number




Unit Information

Retail Sale Dimensions

25cm x 19cm x 5cm

Retail Weight

1.04 KG

Retail Box Design

Dog Cooling Bed_S Final.pdf

USA Sticker Labels(30cm X 40cm).pdf

UK Sticker Labels(30cm X 40cm).pdf

Plain Box

Dog Cooling Bed_S
FNSKU Label for UK
“UPC” for UK
FNSKU Label for USA
“UPC” for USA
Blocked in the USA
Unit Packaging InstructionsNeck cooler wrapped inside the dog mat, inside polybag, inside box.  Add the relevant FNSKU code to the box and cover the printed barcode.  If no printed barcode, place in the bottom right side of the box.
Listing Information


Carton Information

Carton Dimensions

39cm x 26cm x 39.5cm

Carton Quantity

14 pc

Carton Mark for UK
“Shipping Mark” for UK
Small Dog cooling mat (30cm x 40cm) with Small neck cooler
Quantity: 14pc
Gross Weight: 12.8KGs
EAN: 06586532544524
Target: UK Amazon
Carton Mark for USA
“Shipping Mark” for USA
Not Available in USA

Miscellaneous Information

Commodity Code

9021.10.90 00